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Image: @thefuturebones

[Interview has been translated from Portuguese]

[EXCLUSIVE] We talk to the official illustrator of Lollapalooza

We at Wonderland in Rave have always had a great curiosity about some characteristics of some events, such as “who was responsible for it?”, “And that?”, “Was it an agency?”, Etc.

The Lollapalooza, besides being one of the world’s largest music festivals, brings a visual luggage with various representations of musical genres. But who was responsible for this?

 Due to our curiosity, we were behind the person behind these creations, Juan Marco, visual artist and currently the official illustrator of Lollapalooza. 

Juan, who was born in 1981 in Los Angeles, California, agreed to chat exclusively about the festival and his career, check out:

Juan Marco @thefuturebones


WIR:   Juan, how did you start your career as a visual artist / illustrator?

Juan:  As a musician growing up in Los Angeles, I’ve created arts for my band as well as my friend’s bands. After attending art school, I started my career as a visual artist and designer. My focus was to develop my voice by applying my style to many different formats.

WIR:  Can you tell us how you got to Lollapalooza?

Juan:   In 2013, I received a call from my producers, The Uprising Creative Agency, informing me that I was chosen as the new visual artist for Lollapalooza. I met Perry Ferrell, the lead singer of Jane’s Addiciton and founder of Lollapalooza, for a rebrand of the entire festival with my art and style. It is an honor to have been selected by Perry to work on this project. He is a great person, and very determined to make Lollapalooza a unique and memorable experience. Since then, I’ve been creating the arts for all countries because the festival continues to grow and expand globally.

WIR:  Do you only work with visual arts for the Lollapalooza or do something else?

Juan:   Working as a freelance artist, I create branding and advertising art for music, social and entertainment clients. I’m also working on creating some visual projects for various music projects.

WIR:   I noticed that your Instagram account is recent, are you working on your own disclosure just now?

Juan:  Yes, I recently created an official Instagram account to show all my work, a project called The Future Bones – @thefuturebones. You can follow me there! #thefuturebones.

WIR:   Do you also go to events in every country or just do the arts?

Juan:   I went to Chicago’s Lollapalooza and it was a blast! I am planning to attend Lollapalooza Paris in July.

WIR:  Lollapalooza certainly has a unique identity, what was your inspiration for the arts?

Juan: My greatest inspiration is the electric energy that flows through your body while creating music and while listening to a song. The primitive energy that is felt in our bones, the brute force that once made our ancestors dance and celebrate is the same as we feel today and will continue to feel in the future.

For Lollapalooza, I created each character to represent a genre of music and its primal cosmic energy. As a group, they represent a mix of musical genres, which is exactly what the Lollapalooza is, bringing different types of music together to form a great party!

Official Art – @thefuturebones

WIR:   How does your creative process work?

Juan:   I begin by drawing my ideas on paper. It is the moment where I spend most of my time, working in movement and the flow of drawing. Since I liked it, I will scan and usually the bright colors I use, come naturally to me.

WIR:   Aside from Lollapalooza, have you worked on some other great music event?

Juan:  Lollapalooza has been my biggest music event so far and it was a blast to see the impact my work did on the festival experience.

WIR:   What are the links to see your work? Certainly Brazilian fans will want to know everything about him.

Juan:   You can follow me on Instagram (@thefuturebones) or visit my site: thefuturebones.com. There you can find my most recent work and my updates. I am also creating an online store for some limited edition gear and other products that will be available soon.

WIR:   Are you coming to Lollapalooza Brazil? What are your expectations of the event?

Juan: Lollapalooza Brazil is doing great work and I deeply desire to fly soon to Brazil, and see all these bands play and have fun with everyone. I do not have plans to go yet, but anything is possible!

Juan Marco @thefuturebones

After knowing a bit more about the author of these amazing festival arts, we end up giving a different look when we look at the event flyer, or any kind of content. Let’s look at imagining all this inspiration and energy that exists in this wonderful festival that is coming. It was a great pleasure to have a little chat with Juan and we hope you enjoy his other work.

Lollapalooza Brasil will take place on March 25 and 26, 2017, at the Autodromo de Interlagos (SP) and tickets are available here . Let’s go?

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