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[Interview has been translated from Portuguese]

Interview: Juan Marco, the official illustrator of Lollapalooza !!!


Juan Marco, Artist

2017 ARRIVED ! Our first interview of the year, is going to be our first international blog interview! This weekend (March 25 and 26) Lollapalooza 2017 happens here in Brazil, if you want to know the bands that will play a playlist and some tips to look at the festival only look for the last posts that have enough content for you ! (I.e.Booooooom, one of the things that draws attention to the festival is its illustrations and its visual identity and we went back to see who was the owner of the drawings of Lollapalooza!

His name is Juan Marco, he lives in Los Angeles – California, has worked in companies like Warner Bros and today he makes the visual identity of Lollapalooza, he does not think it’s just Lollapalooza Brazil, no … his drawings are scattered around the world (Or at least where there is the festival hahaha) Take a look at the questions we asked and get to know the guy who is very amazing! Oh, obviously the interview is translated to make it easier for everyone(I.e. )



Juan Marco Illustration for Lollapalooza

01- How did you start your career as an illustrator? 
Juan Marco: “Music has always had a great impact on me. I grew up playing bass and making art in Long Beach – California, which is a great music and art community. While I was attending the Art Center College of Design, I picked up some freelance work with music, bands and it took me to the Lollapalooza. “

02- When and how did you enter the Lollapalooza? 

Juan Marco: “In 2013 the producers of The Uprising phoned me to say that I was chosen by Perry Farrell himself (Vocalist of Jane’s Addiction and founder of Lollapalooza) to be the new Visual Artist of the festival. They said that Perry loved my work and thought that my art would be a great fit to reshape the identity of the festival. I met Perry and he said he wanted the festival to have a unique and memorable experience. Since then I have created art for each country as the festival grows globally.”

03- How is it to see your work being exposed all over the world? 
Juan Marco: “I feel connected with every city when I see everyone excited about it. It’s a great honor to have such an important part in the festival. “

Photo: Juan Marco illustration for Lollapalooza

04- What was your inspiration to create the designs for Lollapalooza? 
Juan Marco: “What inspires me in creating the drawings is the energy and how it flows through people’s bodies when they create and listen to music! Each character in Lollapalooza is my interpretation for each different musical genre “

05- What are your other plastic artists that you like? 
Juan Marco: “I have always been attracted by the work of Salvador Dalí, Jack Kirby and James Jean. Keith Haring had a great influence for me too

06- Do you have other work to show us? 
Juan Marco: “Follow me on Instagram @ thefuturebones  and on my website for more arts, animations, gifs, musical creations and soon a store.”

07- What kind of music do you like? And what do you like to hear while you work? 
Juan Marco: “I always get caught listening to a lot of psych rock and electronic. Band like The Octopus Project, The Oh Sees and Moon Duo are some of the names. “

08- What are your next projects? Is there something big coming around? 
Juan Marco: “I am in the process of creating my own merchandise, which will be available “

09- If you come to Lollapalooza Brazil, which band would you like to see? 
Juan Marco: “I would love to see Metallica, Marshmello and Glass Animals. They’re going to make an incredible show. “

10- Give us a tip for anyone who wants to start in the career of illustrator
Juan Marco: “Immerse yourself in being inspired and connected to other artists in your community.”

My, we’re super excited about this interview! We hope you have enjoyed it a lot, follow him on social networks and if you go to Lolla, we’ll meet you there! One kiss and see you next time !!!




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