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The Future Bones is led by Juan Marco.

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Juan Marco brings over 10 years of experience in illustration, identity and branding design. Shortly after attaining an honorary degree from Art Center College of Design, he leveraged experience with entertainment companies such as Sony Music, Warner Bros, and The Uprising Creative. Juan took to tech, achieving multiple patents for his UI / UX design for products.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, The Future Bones offers individual or combined boutique design services that will give your project that cutting-edge factor. We make design come to life with modern 360° design, illustration, motion graphics, sound design, art direction, and product design — to enliven an epic experience for your audience.

Featured Work

Evolution Of Future Bones

A time-lapsed process drawing

Jason, The Kid with Magical Powers

The Weekly Writing Workshop is a program that provides middle school students with creative writing education and college mentorship. They asked a team of artists to each collaborate with one of the young writers to bring their words to life. This story was written by 6th grader Adrian about a boy who’s afraid of the dark, and every night he has to sleep in a tanning bed, until he realizes that he grows super powers when he’s in the dark.

Services: Illustration / Motion / Editorial

Electric Rainbow Rock

Experimental / Character from Lollapalooza Brazil

Client: Lollapalooza Music Festival
Date: Annual since 2013
Services: Illustration / Identity / Brand / Art Direction

Electric Space Party


Gamified Social Media

Connecting brands and consumers through passions. Apps available on the App Store.

Services: Identity / Brand / Logo Design / Icon Design / UI / UX / Interaction
Awards: Patents for UI/UX Designs

Client: ScoreBig
Services: UI / UX Design / Icon Design

Lotto Machine
Client: Lollapalooza Music Festival
Services: Illustration / Identity / Motion / Art Direction

The Petnet brand Smart Feeder is a device that feeds your pet on a schedule with time and portions controlled by your smartphone. I designed and animated icons, branding, and created user experience concepts used throughout the mobile app, website, and packaging. Available on the App Store and Google Play.

Client: Petnet
Services: Icon Design / Brand / UX / Web / Motion / Product

Lollapalooza Berlin
Client: Lollapalooza Music Festival
Date: Annual since 2015
Services: Illustration / Identity / Brand / Art Direction

Uncool II: The Anti-Gun Project

My Imagination Book is an interactive children’s book I wrote and illustrated for a design studio hosted by Art Center’s illustration department and the Nathan Cummings Foundation. The book was chosen by the school and the foundation to be printed for local public schools and libraries in the Los Angeles area., the studio focused on the creation of illustrated children’s books as viable vehicles for anti-gun messages in children ages 6-7.

Client: The Nathan Cummings Foundation
Services: Illustration / Print

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