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by Loqueva – Argentinian Lifestyle & Culture Magazine

[Interview has been translated from Spanish]

Juan Marco, the official designer of worldwide Lollapalooza



In the middle of the editions of Lollapalooza Argentina, Brazil and Chile, we interviewed from Los Angeles the creator of all the characteristic art of the festival of festivals. Juan Marco was born in 1981 in Long Beach, California. Do not miss his inspiration and evolution in the visual art he performs under the name of @ thefuturebones

How did you start your career as a designer and illustrator?
I grew up in the Long Beach music scene where I started creating designs for the bands of my friends and my own band. Since I was always inspired by music. I graduated from the Art Center College of Design, where I met the best teachers and peers who helped me strengthen my artistic style and voice. There I found freelance work for record labels and bands, which took me to Lollapalooza.

Since when are you the official designer of Lollapalooza and how did you become?
My producers at Uprising Agency called me to tell me that I had been chosen by Perry Ferrell (the leader of Jane’s Addiction and founder of Lollapalooza) to be the festival’s new visual artist. I met Perry in 2013 where he expressed his desire for the festival to have a unique style. He loved my job and thought that my style would be a great fit to relaunch Lollapalooza. I started creating artistic works for the North American stages and since then I have created the art of Lollapalooza for each country.



What can you tell us about the creative process about the art of Lollapalooza, is only your inspiration, is there a guideline of the organizers?
I have a lot of freedom to create when I design the world I see in the festival. In all the characters and scenes I create, I am inspired by the raw energy that is within the music and our primitive impulse to move with it. Argentina, Brazil and Chile especially do a fantastic job keeping the inspiration alive.

Are your designs for editions of all cities or on time some? 
Each personage I do it for all the festivals of Lolapalooza and each one represents a different sort of music. The different pieces and artistic accessories make them especially in relation to every part of the world. The newest characters are a lazy, a parrot and an iguana, for example, that I created for the South American market. I had fun recreating San Isidro from a futuristic and tropical feeling.

Besides Lollapalooza, have you made designs for other festivals? 
Not yet. Lollapalooza is my only and biggest festival for now.



How do you see the evolution of your career over the years? 
I have always worked by hand, and still do. Now, more than before, I create my art digitally. I feel able to keep my work consistent, using tools that elevate my creativity, making my characters move, with compatible files for prints and different devices.

Where can we see your work? 
My website is always up to date with my new work. You can visit me at  www.thefuturebones.com . I am currently in the process of creating merchandising to sell. I can also follow in instagram @thefuturebones , tag your post with hashtag #thefuturebones and share with me your experience Lollapalooza!



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